Work At Home Mums: The Mindset Issue

Are you a mum thinking about starting your own successful home based business or working from home? How do you know if this is for you? Have you already started? What makes work at home mums successful? Hard work? Talent? Mindset?

Well I believe it is all three. But I also believe that mindset plays a critical role in achieving the other two. With the right mindset, work at home mums can find the energy, perseverance, tenacity, determination and patience required to work hard and acquire the new skills and talents they will need to build a successful home based business.

I read the book ‘You Go Girlfriend’ by Maureen Frank about a year ago – before I had my second child, and before I started my own home based business. I wanted a motivational book to help strengthen my feeling that I had what it takes to join other work at home mums being successful as entrepreneurs and mothers at the same time. Maureen Frank is a top corporate career young woman and single mum to twin girls, one being disabled. Not surprisingly, Maureen Frank’s has many components around mindset and determination, and how it can help you focus on your goals and achieve them.

I’d like to share a powerful quote from Maureen Frank: “You have to be prepared to give it 150 percent, take some risks, have some guts, be determined to achieve your goals and – most of all – believe from deep down within your soul that you can do it”. This quote alone I believe really depicts what work at home mums need in terms of mindset to achieve success, especially the ones starting their own business. It can be tough sometimes, but with courage, conviction and willpower, all obstacles can be conquered.

Maureen Frank also believes that “a change in career direction is very common and often successful”. Working mums who become successful work at home mums know this; because once you have discovered that you can achieve all your goals as a mum and as a professional, and that you can also enjoy what you do and create results for yourself, you know you have made the right choice. It’s all about taking calculated risk, having the right mindset, and diving in!

Do you have the right mindset to take on the challenge of working from home and creating the life you want for you and your family? Or, do you think you can develop the mindset of successful work at home mums who take calculated risks, work hard and believe in their success? Are you ready to live your dreams and achieve your goals?