Work At Home Mums: 3 Steps to Make Time For Yourself

I wondered if this subject would be worthy of a whole article, however it is an important factor in the lives of work at home mums which is often ignored. I’ve often included in previous articles the importance of having a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance, with good eating habits, exercise, time to relax and to have fun. Although we are all aware of the benefits of having such balance, we often prioritise work and our children, only to end up with no time left to look after ourselves.

Including time for activities which bring energy, relaxation and fun is simple, in theory. Most of us probably make new resolutions regularly around new healthy habits. Unfortunately, these often fade away or don’t take place at all. So I have identified the 3 things which together make a strong plan for adopting and maintaining the activities which can help work at home mums be focused, productive, healthy and relaxed.

Step1: Identify our activities

What activities relax you? Which ones make you feel focused and motivated? What do you like to do for fun? Who do you enjoy spending time with? What do you like to do to keep fit and healthy? Whether it is a bath, a dinner out, reading, sport, a massage, meditation, taking a long lunch, dancing, sleeping, a walk or a family picnic, work at home mums should select the main activities which they can integrate in their weekly routine. If you are hardly doing any activity of these kinds, it may be wise to start with one and add more on as you successfully make them habits.

Step 2: Commitment

One of my favourite words (which also seems to come out so much in my articles). Unless you have decided that you will commit to making time for the activities you need to refresh and recuperate, you are unlikely to integrate them long-term in your routine. The great thing about commitment is that it will help you stick out your new routine long enough to truly experience the benefits, as well as to create habits. Work at home mums who have made a habit of these replenishing activities also do them without feeling that they are taking time off doing more important things like working, looking after the house or their children.

Step 3: Include them your schedule

Thirdly, put them in your schedule (and do them!). This is when commitment becomes so important. Schedules are great for work at home mums, especially if they are followed! But if your other important commitments take over your scheduled ‘me-time’, you won’t create those habits and reap the rewards of looking after yourself. Worse even, it may impact negatively on your overall productivity, motivation and general sense of happiness. And remember, it doesn’t take much; 20 minutes per day can do absolute wonders to your mind, body and spirit.

This is such a simple system to follow, yet without following all 3 steps work at home mums tend to forget their own needs for the perceived benefit to their work and family. In conclusion, being relaxed, happy, focused, positive and full of energy will help you produce better results in all you do. 20 minutes per day: commit, create habits and enjoy!


This guest article was written by Justine Simard, a full time mum and home business owner and mentor.