How to Beat Stress and Overwhelm With 5 Rules

Depending on your expectations, perhaps becoming a work at home mum didn’t end up being as leisurely as you originally thought it would be? Were you planning that, across the week, you’d look after and play with your kids, do the laundry, clean the house, cook up great meals for dinner, do the shopping, meet up with your friends, do your daily fitness program, and work your business naturally in between all this? Maybe you even managed to do all that, in a somewhat chaotic way, for a few weeks (maybe months), and all of a sudden realised that you were totally disorganised, stressed out and overwhelmed?

I have had this personal experience, and I have spoken with many other work at home mums who have felt the same lack of control and efficiency, in their two central roles as a mum and home business owner. When I launched my home business, I had the belief that I could use my multi-tasking skills and just wing it, juggling every tasks at once, and that this would bring great results. However I did not – wing it or get the results that is. And so I thought I would start to just work HARDER. And believe me, I can work hard. I can be a machine. And I don’t actually mind it at all. But my goals do, because if I work hard instead of smart, they’re not getting realised.

This was a great realisation and I have taken back control since then. I have created and follow 5 rules, and these allow me to be a successful home business owner and work at home mum, without the stress and overwhelm. So here they are:

1. I have a strict schedule. Yep, you read that right! While I value the flexibility I gain while I work from home, I only use it when I really need to. When you are clear on what you must do and complete at any particular time, and you’ve set a clear deadline, you get it done! I have diligently created a weekly schedule to cater for quality time with my kids, meeting with friends, and each of my business-related tasks. I know what times work best for being a loving mum and enjoying my kids, and I also know the best times for focus and productivity in my business.

2. I get leverage on my efforts. I focus on processes and results that I can duplicate. I team up with business partners so that I can get more back from my contribution and efforts. I establish procedures that are likely to be used across various tasks (I constantly start from skeletons from earlier projects). I find automated resources that I can set up once with the purpose of saving me time and effort. Fortunately, my home business opportunity came with automated marketing systems and a strong leveraged income plan – which is a huge help when it comes to getting results from leveraging my business and investment.

3. I manage my expectations. Like most work at home mums who start a home business for the very first time, I was full of belief and ambition. However, I completely underestimated the level of commitment and persistence that would be needed to attain all my objectives. While I strive to maintain a high level of self-confidence, optimism and focus (and invest signicant time and energy into nurturing my success mindset), I also manage my expectation by following a rational business plan, by keeping track of my progress, and by regularly evaluating my strategies and their effectiveness.

4. I get help. I have a professional virtual assistant for my online business who does a superb job at completing all those activities that are time-consuming and don’t need my skills. My children go to childcare two days each week, which I believe is the ideal balance for them to be sociable, stimulated and independent. During those 2 days, I focus entirely on my business. My partner is also part of the master plan, and we have planned some times where I work while he takes care of our little ones. This is productive for all of us, and allows me to prevent the unproductive multi-tasking.

5. I look after myself. While being a hard-working machine, there are times when you don’t eat even if you’re hungry, and you don’t sleep even if you’re tired. I’m sure you can see that this is only sustainable for actual machines, and is not productive even for ambitious work at home mums! When I nurture my body, mind and spirit, I’m also more empowered. So I allocate some time for eating and sleeping well, for my physical fitness, for my personal development, and for relaxing as well .

These 5 rules enable me to create balance and productivity in my life and work from home business, and I believe work at home mums can apply them and reap the benefits of being well-planned, productive, healthy, relaxed and successful.

Justine Simard is an online business and network marketing coach.