Website testing work from home

Testing websites is a viable way to earn money working from home. I say “Viable” rather than “Great” because it’s not going to make you rich, but you could realistically add some useful income to your monthly earnings.

The website testing industry has developed to serve businesses who are trying to improve their websites. Usually to increase sales or to keep users coming back to their site.

Website testing companies find businesses who need feedback on their websites, so that they can improve them. They then provide the testing service, which is where you come in.

If you are thinking about doing some website testing work from home, you will be required to review various websites, and give feedback, usually verbal, on the experience that you have. You will usually be given a task to accomplish which you should do in your own pace, as if you were doing it for real.

Some of the testing sites are using quite advanced webcam technology, so you will be on camera as you navigate through the website and in some cases your face will be analysed by software that monitors your eye direction as well as your facial expressions. It’s a little bit creepy 😉

There is quite a lot of competition to get jobs as a tester, so it’s worth reading through the FAQ on each of the testing sites that you might apply for. When you apply you will be placed into a particular demographic, or group of people, and you will be offered testing jobs suitable for your demographic. This has the added bonus that the sites you review may actually be interesting to you.

Just like any other freelance, if you perform well you are more likely to get more work.
A few tips on being a successful website tester:

  • Speak your mind: Most testing jobs require you to speak as you work through the site you have been given. Try to learn to think out loud. Don’t be afraid to say that you can’t find the button, or you wish there was a bread crumb. That is exactly what they are looking for
  • Don’t show off: Website testing is not about you. No one is bothered about whether you are good at using your computer or not, they just want honest feedback on their website. So don’t try to accomplish your task quickly, don’t make any clever comments, just focus on trying to accomplish your task
  • Don’t try to be complimentary. If something looks great, say so, but don’t exaggerate
  • If you are asked for a written summary, use spell check and make sure your writing is clear and concise.

Where to find work from home jobs as a website tester

Warning: Be careful when providing information for this type of work. While we have no reason to believe that any of the links we have published are scams, we have not tested all of them. NEVER pay anything for this type of work. Do not provide credit card details and we recommend reading any terms and conditions before agreeing to them.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

This is more than just website testing. Amazon uses people like you to check their systems to accomplish a lot of very small tasks, such as correcting search term spellings or deciding if two products are identical or not. Each job is only paid one or two cents, but they are very small and can add up.

They also offer more standard website testing work, and in some cases your testing work will be resold through another provider like this one:

It is probably safe to assume that Amazon will pay less than most of the other testing sites.

Start up lift

Start up lift is a more standard website testing service aimed at start up companies.

You can apply to become a tester here:

Try My UI

Try My UI (User Interface) is a pretty slick looking testing service. It has a very helpful application page to help you understand exactly what it is that they are looking for in a tester.


The Userlytics site looks very professional and offers a lot of information for testers. They are offering $10 per test.

This page has a lot of information including examples of the tasks that you may be asked to complete, questions you might be asked and a description of the process.

This site offers a fairly good explaination of what you are expected to do and offers $10 per Website test and $15 per Mobile test.


This site has fairly minimal information on the sign up, but offers $12 US per review.

Let us know how you go!

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