How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off When Working Online

Those searching online for opportunities will be met with literally thousands of options, but how do you know can you separate genuine jobs from the seemingly endless list of ‘get rich quick’ scams?

In this post, Martin Harrison of Copify offers some advice on how to legitimately earn money online, and avoid those who are looking to rip you off.

If it seems to be too good to be true, it probably is

It sounds obvious, but all of those “I made $1million in 10 days” type of sites that you will have seen are to be avoided at all costs. The only people who are making money here are the people running these schemes and pocketing the money spent by those gullible enough to sign up to them.

As a rule of thumb, if the advert you read does not explicitly explain HOW the money was made, it doesn’t exist. No genuine company will ask you for a cent to sign up, if they do, it is probably a scam.

Read up on who you are working with

Before you start working for someone, be sure to check out their background. A Google search should usually reveal some information about them and feedback from people who have worked for them previously.

Ideally, there should be some profiles on their website of people who have worked for them previously. If you are working through a crowdsourcing site, be sure to check their profile for positive/negative feedback.

If all else fails, asks for a phone number and give them a call. If they are genuine, there shouldn’t be any issue with this.

Payment terms

Before you sign up for work online, always ensure that you are clear about how and when you will be paid. Many sites will pay you immediately on completion of work, some may take a while to release the funds. You should also be clear about whether you need to invoice the company or not, or whether this is taken care of for you.

This is often one of the biggest headaches for those working freelance, so it pays to be clear before you start work.

Got any tips for fellow mums?

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Author Bio

Martin Harrison is the co-founder of Copify, an online service which offers work from home copywriting jobs to hundreds of freelance writers from around the world.