What does your resume “really” say about you?

We asked Career Adviser Linda Enever of FC Recruitment about resumes and what they really say about you. She believes this is a question not asked enough by job seekers; especially when a resume is most often the first marketing tool you use in your quest for a new career. So let’s do a review and look at what your resume “really” says about you.

1. Does My Resume Reflect My True Skills?

This is an easy question to say yes too. However look again; does each role on your resume have your duties and achievements outlined in a clear orderly fashion so employers can see at a glance why they should hire you?

2. Does My Resume Have An Objective?

When recruiters and employers talk about objectives they are looking for a career objective or summary at the top of your resume as well as a link to your skills in your past. Make your objective clear. Link it to your past roles and make sure you stand out. This is your first bold marketing statement and will encourage the reader to read on or not.

3. Is My Resume Consistent?

Consistent in terms of reading well and looking good – check for:

  • Is it written in the 1st Person all the way through?
  • Have I used the same layout for my roles?
  • Is the font the same (simple but very common error)

4. How Can They Contact Me?

There is no point in sending off a resume if your contact details are not correct or cannot be found. Make sure your phone number and email addresses are correct (and your email inbox is not full). Place your contact details on the header or footer of each page so if your cover page is lost the employer still has a way to contact you.

5. What Does My Email Address Say?

Your email address needs to be professional; preferably first and last names or initials. Keep your joke email addresses etc for you mates. Your resume and job applications are a reflection of you and your work ethic, so make sure you are not passing on the “wrong” impression in anyway.

6. Photo or Not to Photo?

Some employers and industries like photos it is my opinion to stay away from them because they can create the wrong impression if you choose the wrong one. However if you do decide to use a photo on a resume make sure it is clear, you are smiling and in a professional environment. Never use nightclub photos or anything that may not reflect you as an employable candidate.

7. Does My Resume Make Me Want to Call Me?

If you would not call you then why should an employer. Read your resume through, make sure it sells you and your skills, highlights your achievements and make it hard for a prospective employer to say no to call you to bring you in for an interview


Linda Enever has a distinctive history in the staffing and recruiting arena; a decade with various companies where she became skilled & respected recruiter and manager valued by her clients, candidates staff and colleagues alike. Now Linda is combining her passions as the General Manager of FC Recruiting and Family Capers. At FC Recruiting, Linda and her team can present to clients a wide array of solutions to any hiring situation. Behavioural profiling to reference checking, ad writing and placement to short listing and interviewing, matching the right candidate with the right client – and puts it in writing, with a replacement guarantee!