Tips for Growing your Direct Sales Team 

If you’re currently trying to grow your direct sales team, I know how difficult it can be. From demotivated staff to your own internal anxieties, there are many roadblocks that can prevent you from realizing your dream. However, I also know that individuals who are serious about making their professional dreams come true can make it happen. As I have learned, the secret to success is figuring out which business-building techniques really work and then systematically using them. Below you will find several tips and tricks that I know will get you on the path to growing your direct sales team in a positive, powerful way:

1. Remember That It’s All In Your Mind

This is the single most powerful tip to recognise when you’re attempting to expand your team. The secret to success in any area of life is training your mind to think in a positive manner and using your brain to access tools and strategies that will help you accomplish your objective. With this reality in mind, tap into the power of reciting words of affirmation to yourself every morning. Also be sure that what you’re stating is in the present tense so that you can realize your objective now, not later. Some examples of great phrases to repeat inwardly would be “I love promoting people to director” and “I love adding 5 people to my sales team each month.” Be sure that you’re reciting positive things about yourself as well. Examples would include “I am loved,” “I can do it,” and “I love myself.”

2. Ask for Referrals

Another strategy you can use to grow your direct sales team is asking for referrals. This technique is powerful because it is incredibly simple. You can ask anyone in your social network for referrals, and you can do so in numerous ways. For example, if you come across a well-spoken, amicable employee at the check-out line in a grocery store, you can ask if they’re interested in joining your team. If not, follow up with a statement like “I am in the process of growing my sales team in this area. If you know anyone who would be interested in this opportunity, please give them my business card.” Never be afraid to ask, because this is the precursor to receiving a “yes.” In the world of sales, you will likely go through several “no’s” before you get to the “yes” you want.


3. Use Social Media To Document Accomplishments

In addition to asking for referrals, make sure that you use social media to document your accomplishments. Has someone on your team earned a reward? Are you in a team meeting where members are reporting record sales? If there’s anything exciting about your team in terms of accomplishments and milestones, let it be known via social media. This step is incredibly powerful because people are observing you. They want to determine whether your team has lasting power, is generating results, and will provide them with the substantive vocational opportunity they’re looking for. Some people may also be watching to see if you have character. Making positive, affirmative statements about your team is a way to prove that you do!

4. Develop An Elevator Pitch

Mastering the art of asking an individual to join your sales team is the key to remaining on the path to growth. While there are many strategies you can employ to optimise the asking process, developing an elevator pitch can be particularly effective. The elevator pitch is a short, succinct set of sentences that provides the listener with a clear, concise understanding of what your brand is all about and why joining forces with you would be a good idea. Try to make your elevator pitch no longer than 1 minute. Memorising the statement will boost your confidence level when in conversation with others!

Don’t Delay: Start Growing Your Direct Sales Team Today! If you’re serious about growing your direct sales team, now is the time to begin. Utilize some or all of the expansion strategies outlined above to keep your team on the path to perpetual growth!

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