11 Direct Sales Tactics your Party Plan Business needs

As a new Party Plan Consultant, I know you are eager to get started and excited about being able to feature your products and talk about their advantages. Investing a little in the products you want to sell makes it even more rewarding to share them with others. Here are a few helpful Direct Sales Tactics to get you started.

Use, display and believe in the products you are selling.

This is a sure way to interest others in your new venture. You are selling yourself by relating to others in their environment. If you can bring a sense of excitement and fun to your presentation, it will encourage others to want to do the same. A positive attitude and cheerful presentation is a great motivator. You are the key to increasing your sales and interest. A genuine interest, knowledge and enthusiasm will go a long way to create sales.

Be prepared

Getting ready for your first party can be a little stressful, but if you are prepared with a good presentation and can display your products in an attractive setting, a lot of the work will be done for you. Develop your presentation and practice it. Make sure that the words you use are something that would be natural for you and come easily. Think of it as if you are talking to a good friend and be relaxed. If you can, practice in front of a mirror. Also you may want to tape your presentation and then listen to it and see if there are any adjustments you want to make.

Your words and delivery should be upbeat and cheerful. Demonstrate why these are so important to you and how they can be useful to others.

Make sure you are rested and ready for the party.

Once you feel adequately prepared, make sure you take time to get a good nights sleep and be well groomed, appropriately dressed and confident when you arrive. Make sure you have something to eat before you leave so you are comfortable. Set up your display so that you can point to each product as you discuss it with the group. Relax, smile and welcome and thank everyone for attending. If you are interrupted by questions, just take your time and continue with the next part of your presentation. If someone would ask a question you do not have an answer for, tell them you will be happy to call them with an answer. You are the expert here and with the practice you have done you will easily be able to continue. Tell them your favourite products and why that is so.

When your presentation is completed, invite the attendees up to look more closely and ask questions. This is the time customers will want to place their orders. Try to greet and spend a little time with each person. Let them and the hostess know how much you enjoyed meeting all of them and having the opportunity to introduce them to your products. Tell them how much fun it is to be able to give these presentations and encourage them to consider it for themselves. It’s a great job for Mother’s who can have the experience of meeting and introducing hew people to the products. Explain how advantageous this is to you.

The display will make the right impression

Practice at home setting up your display, so that it will create attention and be attractive to your audience. Perhaps you would like to add some colorful fabrics or decorations to enhance the display. Make sure all your products are spotless and presentable. You may want to consider taking a picture of your favorite display and keeping it with your working kit, so you can duplicate it at your parties. Ask people what they think of your display and remember their comments to make any needed changes. don’t forget to have an array of special items for holiday themes. Look for sales of specialty items to add to your collection.


When not everyone is an enthusiastic fan

We all suffer a little rejection sometimes and you should not dwell on this too much. There will always be someone who does not have the interest or enthusiasm that you have for your products and presentation. Try to remain calm and polite at all times. Answer any questions to the best of your knowledge and proceed with your presentation. Do not take these incidents personally.

Keep up with your training

Get the most out of the training by attending all that you can and being an active participant. Ask the advice of others and listen to what they have learned. This will give you the best advantage and confidence in yourself.

Know your audience

Ask your hostess about the people who will be attending. Are they stay at home Moms, do they work, do they have special interests such as in gardening, cooking or reading. Try and remember as much as possible and bring your knowledge into conversations. If you don’t have particular knowledge, ask a question that an avid gardener would know the answer to. This makes people feel valued and important and we can all use a little of that.

Holiday parties

Book as many parties as you can as early as you can for the holidays. Capitalize on the buyers market to boost your sales and explain how your products are the perfect thing. Encourage buyers to purchase items so they will have them for the holidays. Talk about the excitement of the season and how your products can enhance that time.

Finding new consultants

Some people feel akward about recruiting, but remember that is how you got here and if you are successful and enjoy what you are doing, why wouldn’t someone else? Make sure you are totally familiar with the company and its’ business plan. Talk about how much you enjoy doing the parties and meeting new people and especially the positive changes it has made in your life. Tell them if you have developed a new confidence and happiness and how much you have learned and enjoy helping others. Let them know that you would be very supportive and helpful and make sure they learn all they will need to be successful. If you are sincere, that will come through and can positively affect others.

You can also find distributors for your Direct Sales Business online. A great way to connect with your target audience is to join a Facebook Group or to talk to people in Online Forums. An other very powerful option is to list your business in a niche specific Directory or Job Board where people are looking for flexible opportunities like yours.

Keep learning

Always keep up with the latest knowledge about your products. If, as an example, you are selling kitchen equipment, be aware of the latest reviews, which famous person endorses this product, what advertisements or magazines is it featured in. Know everything about your product, what it can do, how it can save money or time and how it can make a process easier for the user.

Keeping up with the times

Now that you are a consultant and have a measure of success, have you thought about starting a blog to talk about your experiences and invite people to ask questions and find out more about becoming a consultant themselves. Reach out and invite them to learn more.