Home based business

Starting a home based business

Anyone can start a home based business, but it takes a special mindset to make it work and actually reach your goals. Attitude and drive, and you ability to maintain them, are probably the most important factors that will determine how much the business grows over time. Here are a few things to think about as you get ready to start your own home based business.

Take Risks

One of the most common mistakes that people make with their business is failing to take risks, which can allow them to stand out and attain success at a faster rate. Avoid putting limits on your business and don’t stay where you’re comfortable because you’re in fear. Be willing to take risks on people or even lose money at times to get what you want in the end.

Stay focused on the positive aspects of running a home based business

Keeping yourself in a positive mindset is probably THE most important skill you will need as you work through the challenges that you will likely face. Remembering the upside of running a home based business and the freedom that it allows you is a great motivator. Here are a few ideas for self reminders that you might want to use when you hit one of those moments where you motivation wavers.

  • I am my own boss. I can choose what happens next.
  • I have the felexibility to spend time with the kids whenever I want
  • I do not need to take every job or project that I get offered
  • I can choose who I work with
  • I can book a holiday whenever I want
  • I have unlimited earning potential, there is no ceiling
  • I can be there for my children when they need me

Keep your internal dialogue positive, avoid worrying too much about other people who might be earning more than you, or who might have achieved more success. Remember that almost everyone who has achieved success had some tough times along the way.

Have Vision

You’ll need to have clear goals established with your business to understand where you’re headed. Make your goals visual by creating a vision board or drawing out pictures of what you’d like to achieve in the near future. You can also write a list down of your goals to make the vision real and present in your thoughts each day.

Communicate that vision to your customers

Having a clear vision is a huge advantage when it comes to building your marketing messages. This is a big topic that I will cover in another post, but very briefly, if you can explain what your business does, and which direction it will grow in, in just a couple of sentences, then you are ready to start your first advertising campaign. In most cases, an well written, honest and straight forward explanation of what you do is enough to find good customers. Here are a few other tips on advertising your home based business.

Pursue Your Passions and do what you love

To stay motivated and creative with your home business, it’s important to do what you love to achieve long-term success that is sustainable. Your career should fit your personality to make it feel less like work and allow you to be more invested in the business.

You’re more likely to see your business as something that can benefit others if you do what you love. This will also allow you to invest more time and money into your work without viewing it as a sacrifice. Your passion will also make it easier to tolerate discomforts and avoid having a negative mindset with inconveniences that you encounter on a daily basis.

Don’t sell yourself short.

One of the classic mistakes that a first time (and second and third time) micro business start up makes is setting the prices too low. It is far better to charge a little too much than to constantly work for peanuts. Remember, 30% of your quotes should be rejected because the price is too high.

Read some more about setting prices for small business.

Choose the Right Team

The people that you choose to work with will ultimately determine the environment that you work in. Choose to work with positive motivators who have good ideas and are happy to come into work each day. Surrounding yourself with positive people will avoid unnecessary drama and will allow you to focus on success rather than issues that may develop. Choose your team players wisely and work with people who you aspire to be like to ensure that you can continue to grow and learn.

This recent article on building a direct sales team is a good insight into the sort of people you need to find if you are in a network marketing business, wich is quite a fast growing area at the moment. It also brings me around to another topic that you should research, and that is the type of business you might start.